We are licensed private investigators.
Extensive background check services for job applicants, employees, potential business partners and more.

Background Screening


Background Screening

Job applicants highlight only what they want you to see. Sure, they look good on paper, but that can be manipulated. Employee background checks help companies screen even deeper, discovering the details candidates desperately want to hide or simply providing a distinguishing factor between heavily qualified candidates. One study showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differed between what the job applicant provided and what the source reported. Positions that require high security or trust, such as in schools, hospitals, financial institutions, airports or government, deserve an equal amount of care placed upon filling them by the company.


Employees Are the Fabric of Your Company

Employees are a key to the success of any business. Many positions require the handling of cash and other financial transactions as well as sensitive company and personal information. Responsibilities like this depend on a deep level of trust. Background and credit checks for current and potential employees build increased confidence that they can help maintain important matters of company and client confidentiality. Evaluating an applicant’s hiring risk is paramount to making the best decisions regarding the safety and security of your business.


Intensive Checks and Service

We use licensed private investigators to perform intensive background checks and gather findings for companies, while ensuring compliance throughout the process. Record searches that are increasingly common for clients to check include criminal records, driving records, sex offender registry, and terrorist watch list. Usually beginning the same day the request is made, searches are administered quickly, with most reports capable of being completed within a 24 hour turnaround.