Best-in-class security comes with assurance every step of the way.
We’re serious about providing the highest level of security possible.

Security Assessment

Comprehensive Security Assessments and Solutions

The many moving parts to securing a building or location have to work together as a whole, vulnerability in one is a risk to all. Comprehensive security requires a solid overview. We offer security assessments that identify weaknesses, suggest improvements, and find opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. To show you how comfortable we are with our abilities to improve your company’s overall security, we provide complimentary consultations and come directly to you.

Consultations, Strategically Understanding Your Security

During the consultation, we will evaluate security staffing, access control systems, CCTV cameras, access control, locks lighting, fences and all the other little, but important, details that go into beefing up your security. After that, we will create strategic solutions that help improve the security controls you currently have in place.

Knowledgeable and Innovative by Design

Our background means we are intimately knowledgeable of best practices and highly capable at implementing security controls to maximize their benefits. Consultants come from police and/or military backgrounds and maintain the highest of security standards. GUARDIAN employs innovative principles such as Criminal Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and practices in our management of physical security and security systems. We eliminate weak links in security protocol that can be easily circumvented by intruders through the correct placement of cameras, security posts, and alarms.

We’ve developed relationships that allow us to partner with security systems professionals that can meet any technical demands a client’s project may face.

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